• Calling all cars

    From Avon@21:1/100 to All on Tue Nov 26 21:16:58 2019
    If you are waiting on me or would like for me to add you tothe For Honour, Galactic Dynasty or BRE inter-bbs games in fsxNet can you please reply to
    this post with your wish list.

    I have lost count of whom I still need to set up for what so just posting
    this call out here and will endeavor to work on things tomorrow night after work.

    Best, Paul

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  • From Alterego@21:1/100 to Avon on Wed Nov 27 13:24:14 2019
    Re: Re: Calling all cars
    By: Avon to Zarnock on Wed Nov 27 2019 02:11 pm

    Stuff that I am working on trying to setup / test in the NET 1 HUB comes at the expense of answering 5-6 emails asking for help or wanting to join fsxNet etc. and that can be a juggle.

    With all respect...

    So over the year or so, I think Ive seen a couple of messages like this - which
    I do not think is unusual, given that you have a real life outside of BBSing, but it does make me wonder why you are a bottleneck. IMHO, no single person should be a bottleneck in anything and it cannot end well in the long term.

    While I believe FSX is your baby, sometimes its great to see your baby grow on their own, just like the joy you see when they start to walk, talk and no longer need nappies. (That joy may be confused with fear, when they leave the nest, but personally I'm not there yet...)

    Like all hobbies, its fun to do, but that fun is only fun, when its not a chore. Workload stacking up will in time present itself as a chore.

    So, I'd like to see this network scale itself to out do FN (that might be my disapointment of what I've seen FN turn into talking here as I rejoin years later after my nieve youthful days). For it to do that, I think you need to delegate, offload, give up (pick the right term?) some administrative functions
    - I'm sure there are many here willing to help, myself included as I've offered in the past.

    ... Counting time is not so important as making time count.

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  • From Alterego@21:1/100 to Avon on Thu Nov 28 09:23:42 2019
    Re: Re: Calling all cars
    By: Avon to Alterego on Wed Nov 27 2019 07:58 pm

    Not sure I'd use the term bottleneck as it implies restriction, unless that's what you're meaning? But what I think you are saying is watch out for single point dependency - am I right? Just checking so I clarify my understanding of your thoughts.

    So I was coming from the angle after I read your message that said "I havent done this, because I'm doing that". You've said that a couple of times now.

    Doing "this" could be something fun that you want to do, but you cant get to it, because of all the "that" things that you need to do. Running a network has
    a lot of "that" things, and in FSX they all depend on you. Joining games, getting connected, debugging (the infrastructure) problems, etc.

    I know one of the "this" you wanted to do is build these servers you picked up a while ago - so I'm guessing that has been/was pre-empted by "that" things related to FSX and "that" things related to Avons personal life outside of BBSing.

    Thus the downside is, folks are waiting on you, the chores build up and it wears away at the fun.

    So if there were 2 or 3 or 4 "Avons", then things might get done quicker (thus the end user experience benefits), and you get more time for "this".

    And when it gets to the size of FN (I always think big) - then you can look back and say - I started "this".

    (And "this" is a friendlier place to be.)

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