• Setting the scene

    From Avon@21:1/100 to All on Tue Dec 3 20:52:32 2019
    The next several posts to follow this one will have been cross posted over
    from chatter in FSX_GEN echo.

    The thread starts off with me asking for a roll call of nodes wanting to be added to the inter-bbs league games as I'd lost count of whom was waiting on what for me to action/setup.

    In a subsequent post from me I'm referring to the time I'm putting into the hobby/fsxNet each night and the juggles of admin/helping folks etc.

    This lead to the start of a thread about network ops, who could, should
    etc, assist with stuff, are there different ways of doing things to be considered etc. and then into a wider discussion that started to touch on themes of decentalization, future states for fsxNet and more.

    This echo was spun up to capture all of those things and I hope the first
    post prior to this one that describes the echo as it appears in the
    FSXNET.TXT file in the infopack gives you a feel for why it was set up and
    the sorts of stuff you're invited to discuss :)

    Best, Paul

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