• Housekeeping 18/05/2024

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Sat May 18 19:26:52 2024
    Today I have been trimming down NET 4 nodes.. read on..


    NET 4 housekeeping is now underway and we're pruning inactive nodes that
    have not collected packets / files for 45+ days since the cutover to the new NET 4 HUB.

    Out of interest I took all the inactive nodes that the HUB had set to HOLD
    and set CRASH status for them and four (4) nodes were on receive and did
    accept all their held traffic... so that's something I guess but they are clearly on auto pilot which is not great. Those were:

    118 Bit's Lair BBS Yeray Dorta -- Private Node --
    177 Alcoholiday BBS Andy Haworth alco.bbs.io
    181 PlaneT Afr0 BBS Jason Reznor planetafr0.org:8888
    187 Operation Ivy BBS David Sachs opivy-bbs.com

    So for now the following nodes have been delisted with more to follow as
    I get to them:

    101 Back to the Future Bill Simon bttfbbs.com
    120 Deep Space Gateway Sam Penwright deepspacegateway.net
    136 Total Lost BBS Dennis Eklund bbs.deek.se
    139 Mythical Kingdom Tech Mark May bbs.mythicalkingdom.com
    158 The Alpha Complex Robbie Whiting alphacomplex.us:2323
    163 Jensencloud BBS Pat Jensen jensencloud.net
    164 Fusion BBS Chris Schneider fusion.zapto.org
    171 Star Frontiers BBS William Williams starfron.synchronetbbs.org
    179 BBSing Canada Darren Crawford bbsing.ca
    182 RedFrog BBS Ergo Paalaman redfrog.duckdns.org:2323
    186 Excelsior BBS M Christoffersen awesome.fredslev.net:6969


    These changes will reflect in the nodelist in around 6 days time.

    Best, Paul

    Kerr Avon [Blake's 7] 'I'm not expendable, I'm not stupid and I'm not going' avon[at]bbs.nz | bbs.nz | fsxnet.nz

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