• Re: Years later..they came back :)

    From Avon@21:1/101 to Exodus on Sat Apr 13 14:58:39 2024
    On 12 Apr 2024 at 07:34p, Exodus pondered and said...

    I agree and don't understand it either. Even more so when the BBS is connected to FTN message nets. Quite an aggravating thing, for me.

    I have a couple of those over here in Metronet ... drives me nuts, I end up delisting them and some how 2 years later they start polling again
    and finally logon and ask why there is no mail. Well, because you quit polling for mail 2 years ago, don't think I'm gonna hold it for more
    than 3 weeks for you at most.

    This I can relate to :)

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