• NET 4 HUB (update)

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Sat Apr 6 16:56:10 2024
    seems to be working OK, I can see some polling and you will see in my last post there's a number of nodes that are not or I can't reach them.

    I saw one node on Facebook saying 'hey how come my fsx feed is dead' and others saying have you not been reading the posts in fsx from Avon.

    Anywhoo I hope that this will mean a few more may start to cut over in the next week or so.

    By end of this month it will be very clear who needs to be culled from the nodelist.

    One thing that is not yet setup is HTick, this hatches nodelists and files to nodes in NET 4.... so sorry guys at this stage that's not done but I do plan to work on this in the coming week so we can get nodelists etc. flowing again. Echomail and netmail was my priority.

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