• NET 1 tidyup

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Wed Mar 6 21:18:34 2024
    Heads up, last warnings..

    The following nodes will be removed from the nodelist in the coming days due to inactivity (no polling / sysop contact) 45+ days or more:

    130 The Unmarked Van BBS Dave Scott unmarkedvan.fsxnet.nz, 144 NorthSEA BBS Torben Jensen bbs.northsea.dk:8000
    146 Digital Sanctuary BBS Chris Hallford digitalsanctuarybbs.com
    150 Sotano Msx BBS Pepe Diaz -- Private Node --
    180 The Realm of Serion BBS Rex Hondo connect.serionbbs.com
    186 Castle Rock BBS Dan Richter bbs.castlerockbbs.com
    193 Darkstar BBS Alexander Winkler darkstar.bmxjo.org:2023
    201 Decker's Heaven Eric Renfro bbs.deckersheaven.com

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