• Hub 3 mail resent

    From deon@21:2/116 to All on Tue Dec 19 17:04:31 2023
    Howdy folks,

    Another oops moment - sorry! :)

    I pushed out a bad update earlier today, that thankfully apam noticed and told me about. You would see mail in the echos that look like base64 encoded strings.

    I've fixed it and forced clrghouz to resend mail that it had already sent out (about 10 mins worth) - but your system may not process it because of duplicate checking if it is on.

    If you need me to resend those bad echos again, let me know.

    Sorry again :(

    --- SBBSecho 3.20-Linux
    * Origin: I'm playing with ANSI+videotex - wanna play too? (21:2/116)