• Houskeeping 1/11/23

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Wed Nov 1 16:38:39 2023
    hi there

    an update from history.txt


    Added Node 2/104 The Lake House (USA) welcome to sysop Chris Richardson aka
    No-Name who is based in Charlotte NC. Chris is running a
    Synchronet BBS. You can reach his system by heading to
    lakehouse.lilpenguins.com:2323 or use port 222 for SSH.
    Welcome Chris!

    Removed Node 2/104 The Underground Network BBS - Mr Disk advises his system
    is shutting down.

    Updated Node 5/102 TAK Software BBS is now Tri-Star BBS and the domain name
    changes to bbs.tristarbbs.com , the nodelist has been


    Best, Paul

    Welcome Chris, good-bye Mr Disk, and hello Tri-Star :)

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