• fsxNet NET 1 Planned Outage - Please Read

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Tue Jun 20 21:00:39 2023
    Hi guys

    This week I am changing ISP and with it the static IP's I use (both IPv4 and IPv6) will be changing. To what at this stage I do not know.

    The switch over is planned for this Thursday 22 June (New Zealand local time) and may well lead to some connectivity issues across that day while I get connected up, suss the new IPv4/IPv6 details, update DNS records etc.

    the 21:1/100 NET 1 HUB, 21:1/10 Usenet+Games HUB, Agency BBS will all be impacted, also impacted will be the Agency News server (news.bbs.nz).

    I expect to (all going well) get IPv4 connectivity sorted first but IPv6 may be messy for some days to come, so be warned and if need be get ready to fall back to IPv4 connections during this time.

    I'll post updates when able to but this serves as advance warning of the changes to service here in the coming 48 or so hours (as of the time of writing this).

    Why change? The ISP I use has hiked prices repeatedly over several years and I have found what I hope to be a much better deal.

    Best, Paul

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