• Housekeeping 26/4/23

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Wed Apr 26 19:35:31 2023

    From history.txt


    NET 2 housekeeping. This removes nodes that have been inactive for 50+ days. Further tidying of other NETs is continuing with updates to follow in the coming days. A tidy NET is ah erm... a tidy NET :) #whoknew

    Removed Node 2/103 Resistance Pride
    Removed Node 2/104 Vger.Cloud BBS
    Removed Node 2/105 The New Frontier 2
    Removed Node 2/107 Ed's Place BBS
    Removed Node 2/119 The Other Realm BBS
    Removed Node 2/129 Risky Business BBS
    Removed Node 2/133 8-Bit Classics' BBS
    Removed Node 2/135 Omicron Theta Mail
    Removed Node 2/136 Omicron Theta BBS
    Removed Node 2/139 Gryphus BBS
    Removed Node 2/160 DarkAges BBS



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