• Re: Only 3 areas available for testing fsxnet

    From Avon@21:1/101 to Nikoh on Fri Jul 29 14:42:13 2022
    On 29 Jul 2022 at 02:37p, Avon pondered and said...

    On 23 Jul 2022 at 01:21a, Nikoh pondered and said...

    hello guys, i am going crazy from days....
    i just discovered that only FSX_TST, FSX_GEN and FSX_MYS are availabl with 21:1/999 netaddress.
    For me ok, i understand but they could warn....

    Fair point, I will update docs in the infopack to mention this.

    Have added this to fsxnet.txt


    Note: If you are using the test 21:1/999 AKA you can only link to a handful
    of the total available echomail areas, namely FSX_TST, FSX_GEN and FSX_MYS
    We encourage you to apply for your own node number to obtain full access to all available fsxNet echomail areas :)


    Will cross post this reply also the FSX_NET for completeness.

    Best, Paul.

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