• why relatively low levels of traffic

    From Ogg@21:4/106.21 to Avon on Sun May 15 14:34:00 2022
    Hello Avon!

    ** On Sunday 15.05.22 - 11:48, Avon wrote to ACMEBBS:

    Thanks :) May as well give some of the other echos some
    traffic. I am pondering about removing some because of the
    relatively low levels of traffic. The number of echos
    perhaps swung too widely towards more required that is/was
    needed? Not sure.

    The problem is not the "number of echos perhaps swung too
    widely". The problem is that mostly sysops only participate in
    this technology, and not enough users. If the sysops lamenting
    the poor traffic in the other area could attract more users, I
    believe that the extra topical echos would be more active.

    If the vision for FSXnet is to be a network for sysops, then
    the echo list is probably too wide beyond what the sysops here
    are interested in talking about (mostly tech and computers).

    Add some regular folks or users who might like to talk about
    movies, music, art, gardening, food, DIY, etc.. the outcome
    could be different.

    Perhaps sysops could encourage users to try NNTP feeds, so that
    access to the echos is simplified, and available on their
    smartphones and tablets that the majority of users are probably

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