• Hub 2 Tholian and the month of March

    From Solaris@21:2/1202 to All on Mon Jan 31 08:01:21 2022
    Well kids its that time again , Time to power down the reactor, go cold and refuel . This will put on a 7 day work schedule for 4 weeks. Maybe do some maintenance on the plant and Heat back up and restart. So this starts March 1 and will go all month . If you need anything from Hub 2 let me know and IF you don't hear back from me with in 24 hrs feel free to ping Paul ( Avon ). In the mean while if you need added to any Echo of file areas now is the time .
    Thanks All

    Sysop SolaRis
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    ... As a matter of fact, it IS a banana in my pocket!

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