• Re: nginx binks

    From Warpslide@21:3/110 to Oli on Mon Nov 1 11:16:01 2021
    On 14 Oct 2021, Oli said the following...

    # apt-get install nginx

    then add the following to /etc/nginx.conf

    stream {
    server {
    listen 24553 ssl;
    listen [::]:24553 ssl;
    ssl_protocols TLSv1.2 TLSv1.3;
    ssl_certificate /srv/certs/fidonet-rsa.key;
    ssl_certificate_key /srv/certs/fidonet-rsa.crt;
    ssl_certificate /srv/certs/fidonet-ed25519.key;
    ssl_certificate_key /srv/certs/fidonet-ed25519.crt;

    Thanks for this. Just tried this out on a test server I'm playing with and got this working with what you've posted here. Just pointed it at the same Let's Encrypt cert Apache is using and everything seems to be working on both IPv4 & IPv6.


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