• Hub 2 now updated to the newest pre alpha

    From Solaris@21:2/1202 to All on Fri Jul 2 23:53:21 2021
    We are up dated , notice the new command line shut down . any issues let me know ...

    + MIS will now shutdown if a "mis.shutdown" Semaphore file exists in the
    semaphore directory. MIS may take up to 10 seconds before it notices the
    semaphore and begins to shutdown.

    + The "mis shutdown" command now uses this shutdown Semaphore file instead of
    OS-level functions. This means that the shutdown command will now work in

    + New ANSI viewer has now replaced the old one. The new one has a few new
    features most notably is that is uses the newer template system and also
    can load varible sized ANSIs in a virtual canvas space. What does that
    mean? It means for example you can load a 160 column ANSI while you're
    only in 80 columns and then use the left/right arrows, the new TAB view,
    or new page left/right functions to scroll around the file. A new second
    percentage/graph bar is provided for X axis bars in addition to the
    existing Y axis in the old viewer.

    Other new features include prompting for the baud rate when pressing SPACE
    to show file as a traditional scroller. The defaults for columns and baud
    can be set by template or overridden by menu command options.

    The format for the GV menu command has changed very slightly to also conform
    to newer standards used within Mystic BBS:

    Command: GV ANSI File Viewer
    Data: <viewer template>;<filename> [options]

    The following options can be used:

    /END : Causes file to begin displaying at the end of the ANSI
    /COLS=x : Override default columns to render the file (ie /cols=160)
    /BAUD=x : Set default baud rate when scroller viewing (ie /baud=19200)


    Command: GV
    Data: ansiview;my160columnansifile /cols=160 /end

    New default templates have been provided and should be copied into your
    themes when upgrading: ansiview.ini and ansiview.ans. These replace the
    old ansiviewer.ans in the default installation.

    Changed the default ANSI file view on the Demo menu to now use a 132 column
    ANSI done by BBS advocate and otherwise sick ass artist Smooth (A rendition
    of the Mistigris logo which is also a great group of creative people check
    all of them out if you never have)

    + The ANSI archive viewer template (archive_view.ini) has a new option in
    the [Options] stanza called "viewer" which sets the viewer template to use
    when calling the ANSI file viewer (defaults to ansiview if undefined)

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    Error 1202 and Error 404 BBS !
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  • From bcw142@21:1/145 to Solaris on Sun Aug 1 18:22:20 2021
    On 02 Jul 2021, Solaris said the following...

    We are up dated , notice the new command line shut down . any issues let me know ...

    No issues I know of, but there is now a 7/31/2021 pre-release and it's got taglines and such, If you hold off, you might get the full release this month. I think they are up in pre-alphas for all systems. See tagline below.

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