• Museum Ships Weekend

    From n2qfd@21:1/154 to All on Sat Jun 1 12:40:03 2024
    There's an event on the air this weekend. I just worked W1HNJ 7.030 CW calling CQ MSW.



    0000Z 01 Jun 2024 - 2359Z 02 Jun 2024

    All stations that work at least 15 different ships of those participating (listed below) will receive a certificate
    if they send a copy of their log entries showing these contacts.
    Working the same ship on different frequencies or differrent modes DOES NOT count as 2 ships.
    Working a ship not listed will not count

    To get your certificate, send a copy of your log for the 15 ships (include date - time-callsign - ship name)
    and $5.00 to the following address by Sept 30, 2024.
    (The $5 covers the cost of the envelope, postage (which has increased again) and printing supplies.
    We will provide the large envelope to mail the certificates in.)

    We do not give certificates for SWL.

    If you send a check with your logs, please understand that we don't cash the checks until we print the certificate.
    It could be several months before your check is cashed. Normally we begin printing certificates after all the ship logs are recevied
    so we can verify your contacts. If you still want to send a check please make it out to the name listed in the address below.

    Send to:
    Margaret Burgess KB2BRR
    150 Schooner Ave
    Barnegat, NJ 08005

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