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    High Resolution: http://www.naqcc.info/newsletter_current.pdf (6.9 MB)
    Low Resolution: http://www.naqcc.info/newsletter_current_lores.pdf (1.8

    If you have trouble with the download, try the archive copy: http://www.naqcc.info/newsletter/newsletter_311.pdf
    or see below for more tips.

    If you missed a previous newsletter, it's available in the archives: http://www.naqcc.info/newsletter_archive.html

    *Highlights in this issue include:
    - The Prez Sez... we've got a little money, a lot of events, a missing benefactor, and a busy board
    - Member Polls
    - QSO Party action
    - Transmission line noise
    - The old, old ball game
    - Awards and winners
    - Reading the rules to find more on-air fun
    - A WFL outing report
    - Sprint results
    - Soapboxes
    - Nets
    - and more

    *Call for submissions*
    We have some great stories in the current issue, but we're low on articles
    for the coming months. Long or short, we'd love to see it, as long as it relates to QRP CW somehow.

    *Really short is just fine.* Don't feel like you have to write an article.
    The Member Submissions section is a great place for a line or three about
    that great DX you worked on a watt and a wire, that new gadget you built
    for the shack, or the worst thing that happened to you on Field Day. Photos
    are always welcome!

    We also need your story for our *Member Spotlight feature*. How'd you
    become a ham and what have you done with that license? Tell us about it.

    Send your submissions and questions to Paul KD2MX: kd2mx@arrl.net

    *Problems downloading the file?*
    We sometimes receive reports from members who have had trouble downloading
    the newsletter. With very few exceptions these have all been traced to
    issues associated with moving large files through the Internet. Exactly
    where on the Internet the problems develop is impossible to say (GoDaddy?
    Your ISP? Some intermediate node?). But we can say that the original file
    on our website has been double checked for integrity. Here are some tricks
    that have worked for others:

    Browser warnings: We're working on updating, but our website is still in
    the Internet security dark ages, so you may get dire warnings. They can be safely ignored for website reading and newsletter downloading, but don't
    give us your bank details!

    - Refresh your browser. The same link is used for the
    current newsletter each month and some browsers and/or ISPs might not
    realize that there is a new file to download. (This one seems to solve a
    lot of the problems.)
    - Wait a while before attempting the download. We have had a few members
    report that they at first had a problem with the download but were
    successful an hour or two later.
    - Try accessing the newsletter by going to the newsletter archives on our
    club website (in Past Issues) instead of via the direct link in this
    - Download the lower resolution version of the newsletter. The pictures
    will not be as crisp but its a completely acceptable copy of
    the newsletter and its as much as 1/3 the size.
    - Be sure that you have the latest version of your pdf viewing software.
    Older versions of Adobe Reader sometimes give a "corrupted file" error
    report on files that are actually perfectly fine.
    - For a worst case scenario please contact me and I will chop up the file
    into smaller parts and send them to you in individual emails.

    I hope that you enjoy the newsletter. Comments are always welcome.

    Brent WT4U
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