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    From Rotorek@21:2/150 to All on Sun Apr 7 10:00:37 2024
    Hello everyone,

    I'm playing with packet radio recently and noticed on HF that there are nodes which are accessible using multiple protocols like AX.25, Vara and Ardop. I started to compare the the performance of those (on a BBS node), both AX.25 and Vara worked just fine. However I got issues with Ardop.

    When I configure ardopc, it opens one port that may be accessed by ardop_gui. Is this port also used by a terminal client using AGW (for terminals like QtTermTCP) or do I need some specific term?

    Or Ardop isn't suited for interactive communication (like BBSes) at all?

    Thank you.

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  • From n2qfd@21:1/154 to Rotorek on Sun Apr 7 19:55:28 2024


    I'm afraid I don't have the experience with ARDOP but I'm curious if you've found any 600bps pack yet?
    I put my station on the air when I work from home and have found 14.105 has some traffic 300bps but 7.105 seems quiet for straight AX.25 right now and I wonder if people are experimenting with the faster rate.

    Hope to see an answer on your ARDOP question and best 73,

    de N2QFD//Mal

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  • From Rotorek@21:2/150 to n2qfd on Mon Apr 8 09:46:41 2024
    Hello Mal,

    I'm started monitoring the freqs when I work from home as well.
    So far I saw only AX.25 (300b), Vara and AX.25 il2p being active here in Europe on both 40m and 20m. Here, the 40m freq is 7.0452 Mhz (USB).
    I use USB and lower freq as for AX.25 it doesn't matter, and I may run Vara modem in parallel (there USB matters).

    I saw nice pictures of the spectrum here:


    Some nodes announce that they are Ardop capable, but I didn't manage to set a modem up yet.

    I'll let you know when I manage to get more info.

    OK4ME aka Rotorek

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