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    High Resolution: http://www.naqcc.info/newsletter_current.pdf
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    If you missed a previous newsletter, it's available in the archives: http://www.naqcc.info/newsletter_archive.html

    *Highlights in this issue include
    - The Prez Sez... we have expenses, and an annual meeting
    - Rich KC3MIO has his eye on this year's 20th Anniversary
    - A crazy month for QSO Parties with 15 coming up
    - Brent WT4U took his lap shack up a mountain and broke some things
    - A bulletproof Letter Challenge
    - Observations on vertical antennas and lessons learned from Gregg W8GG
    - A WFL Chapter outing at Eagle Point Park
    - Sprint results
    - Soapboxes
    - Nets
    - and more

    *Call for submissions*
    We have some great stories in the current issue, but we're low on articles
    for the coming months. Long or short, we'd love to see it, as long as it relates to QRP CW somehow.

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    High Resolution: http://www.naqcc.info/newsletter_current.pdf

    thanks for sharing :)

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