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    From n2qfd@21:1/154 to All on Tue Mar 19 18:30:22 2024
    Yes, I hear you guys,
    The lids do make a mess of things and I think that is part of what drove me to digital and CW. You only have to up the technical requirements a little to filter out a lot. I've found that while there are certainly off putting people using Telnet and BBSs out there, well you have to put in some effort to come here and be a crank just for the fun of it vs FaceSpace or Twitter or the like.
    I don't know what the answer is to the radio side. I don't like a bar to entry but I do see that having to work for it made it a little more special for me. CW has seen the creep of poor operators that the rest of the bands had. I almost think that's economic. It's affordable to get a CW rig! But it does make one wonder where that sense of pride of accomplishment went.
    Thanks for the thoughts on the topic. Glad I've got a space like this to just posit a notion.



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