• Progress on HF Packet

    From N2QFD@21:1/154 to All on Tue Feb 13 16:18:10 2024
    The Saga so far...
    I had been testing my olf AEA PK-232 using a Win7 laptop as it was the last machine I thought I might be able to interface with the older hardware. After some tinkering and playing with Putty and DOSBOX I learned enough to transition the entire thing over to the main desk and switch to Linux.
    I haven't experimented with the vintage software on DOSBOX/Linux yet but I do like the old Lan-Link software and have copy.
    For the moment the rusty old innards are being controlled by Putty and I'll be beaconing on 7.104.51(dial.) 100w to my 40m Zepp when I have the shack up and going. Reports indicate that 20m hasn't been very favorable of late and I'm trrimmed for 40m operations anyhow.
    Thanks again to the guys back east who encouraged me to keep at it.

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