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    From N2QFD@21:1/154 to All on Sun Feb 11 16:12:06 2024

    So, my PK-232 still works. The DOSBOX has allowed me to run the older software. I think I'm hearing Net105 but there appears to be some digital contesting just bleeding everywhere. RTTY and some more singsong modes on 40m
    like Olivia? I'm getting more anti contest as the years go on. 30+ years of this and the decorum seems to keep sliding. Probably just me getting into my "get off my lawn" years. I used to do VHF packet and never tried HF but time has taken away the VHF nodes out here as best I can tell. I am familiar with Eastnet and I have some old hardcopy node maps but I'm not hearing any
    traffic anymore. Perhaps a weekday will give better conditions for QRM issues. I tested with recordings on WiKi of 300bps narrow band and decoded so my gear works!

    Thanks for the input and I'll let you know how I make out

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