• Ham Radio on the Moon!

    From N2QFD@21:1/154 to All on Sun Feb 4 15:54:57 2024
    I see that there's a transmission in the 440/70cm band from the SLIM moon lander. Great story on ARRL about the message and decoding.
    Here I've been looking at NPR, New Packet Radio. It's on Hackaday.io if you're interested but essentially it's IP over 440Mhz with a 50-500kpbs rate. So we'd get back packet at a speed where it might still be fun! I don't know if I'd get any takers around here. They seem pretty stuck in the box. Last time I looked I was licensed to operate a radio station, using that broadcast to send modulated voice was only one thing a person could do with it!
    Part of what I miss about the BBS scene was the wireless aspect of Packet Radio. That I could have something like this minus the internet. There were BBS units on MIR and the ISS once upon a time if you can believe it. Imagine being able to transmit at a speed where uplink/downlink was useful in a 3 minute window!

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