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    Mike Dippel wrote to Chuck Finley <=-

    When I see the name "Chuck Finley" I think of the character of Sam Axe on the TV show "Burn Notice". Is that where you got the alias from?
    loved that show and saw a few episodes as they were filmed in the

    YES! That's exactly it! My wife and I watched the series all the way through - twice! And I adopted that as my go to alias when I'm somewhere and they ask for a name (restaurant, etc.). I've never used Charles Finley, but if I ever have a suit and briefcase I will. :-D

    One of the best shows on TV! I've binge watched it twice myself, and
    may do it
    again. I
    loved the interaction between Fiona and Mike. Sam loved his beer and
    had his way with
    women and was a bad ass himself.

    YES! Totally agree!

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