• All in One Box for FT--817 and FT--818

    From adrien grelet@21:1/196 to All on Fri May 22 21:07:04 2020
    Hello dear OMs,

    I've designed and built a AIO box for FT--817 and FT--818 in order to
    integrate the radio, a 6600mah battery pack, a Raspberry Pi for digimodes and also some connectors.

    The box is 3D printed and is designed military like, to be able to be used in tough conditions.

    You can check the photos and explanations here : www.tobeca.fr/f4ija/doku.php?id=ft818:aio_box

    Please don't hesitate to comment it here or send me an email (which you can find on my QRZ.com page).

    The plan is to develop this project in order to sell it as a kit if hams are interested.

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