• My BBS

    From Sysop@21:1/129 to All on Mon Mar 28 18:15:15 2022

    Spacesst Bbs Is Open Since 1977 With Different Software/Hardware, From Coco>Pc We Support Many Network : Fidonet,Fsxnet,Tqwnet

    Many Usenet Groups In The Bbs, Contact me to add usenet to your BBS

    We Have Some Files Can Be Download Or You Can Uploads Them To Share
    To All Users Of The Bbs.

    We Allway Keep The Servers Open When Its Possible With Limit Resources

    We Have Our DOMAIN : gallaxial.com With Different Services

    We keep the BBS as Simple as possible , almost no Graphic ! Faster Display

    DC++ gallaxial.com port 411
    FTP no SSL gallaxial.com port 21 Upload is Accepted
    BBS, TELNET, Rlogin gallaxial.com port 23 , 2323 , 513
    IRC,Chat (unrealircd) irc.gallaxial.com port 6667-6669 for Standard ----------------------------------------------194,6697 for Secure
    Webpage (main) gallaxial.com port 80
    Webpage a Vendres vendres.com port 80 Selling Stoff (work)
    Usenet Server gallaxial.com port 119 Keep only Active groups

    Enjoy the Service, it's free !

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A48 (Windows/64)
    * Origin: SpaceSST BBS <gallaxial> Usenet,Fidonet (21:1/129)