From NuSkooler@21:1/121 to All on Sun May 3 12:42:54 2020
    Very initial support for QWK is in the 0.0.11-beta branch. Currently this is only oputil (CLI) driven dump/view of QWK packets and export. After a little more testing the next portions will come in a order something like this:

    * Default QWK menu with export/download of packets
    * User configuration for QWK menu with things like QWKE toggle/format options, exported conf/areas, so on...
    * Support for reply packet upload
    * QWK network support. This will be configured similar to FTN networks in ENiGMA.

    Support for QWK, QWKE, and Synchronet style extentions (HEADERS.DAT, etc.) is implemented currently.

    I'd love if some ENiGMA 1/2 users can do some testing of the view/export ability. Especially export and viewing in your favorite offline viewers.

    Example export:
    ./oputil.js mb qwk-export /some/path/XIBALBA.QWK

    Example view:
    ./oputil.js mb qwk-dump /some/path/XIBALBA.QWK

    See './oputil.js mb --help' for more options.

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