• Updates Today

    From NuSkooler@21:1/121 to All on Fri Nov 27 13:01:33 2020
    A fix has been made to the web server that could allow malicious users to download files outside of your www root directory. All users are highly encouraged to upgrade!

    Gopher Server:
    The Gopher server has been updated to work with standard gophermap files. This allows ops to build Gopher Holes to their liking! Message conferences and areas can still be exported and are available under the same selector (/msgarea). All other selectors will attempt to route via the 'staticRoot' (enigma-bbs/gopher) directory where gophermaps will be processed. A template gophermap can be found in misc/gophermap.

    Xibalba BBS @ xibalba.l33t.codes / 44510(telnet) 44511(ssh)
    ENiGMA 1/2 BBS WHQ | Phenom | 67 | iMPURE | ACiDic
    --- ENiGMA 1/2 v0.0.12-beta (linux; x64; 12.13.1)
    * Origin: Xibalba -+- xibalba.l33t.codes:44510 (21:1/121)