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    Sort of on the subject, anyone know the status of the .BBS TLD? I
    know it was availalbe under some lesser used registrars which mostly
    made it pointless. TLD's are handed out like candy now though, .bbs
    would be awesome :)

    u.bbs/abc type URLs would be great ;)

    It looks like .bbs is/was only available under OpenNIC which requires you to change which DNS servers you're using to be made available. So it's not a "real" TLD per say, but it is available if you're interested:


    It looks like the OpenNIC .bbs TLD is run by a gentleman named Dustin Souers and must be registered manually. Going to http://register.bbs (after
    changing my DNS servers to OpenNIC) gave me a certificate error for https://dustin.souers.org but no information on that page told me how to proceed.

    Registering a new "real" TLD looks super expensive (US$185,000 to register
    and then US$6250 per calendar quarter to maintain).


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