• Poetry Time

    From Utopian Galt@21:4/108 to All on Tue May 10 21:54:27 2022
    Everyone Deserves Their Own Love Story

    It does not matter who you are
    We crave a connection
    Between a special person
    For our special time
    It does not matter if it is several months to thirty years
    The memories are inside
    For the people we share
    today and tomorrow-

    It does not matter if you are crazy in love or just beginning
    There is a time and a place involved
    As long as you have the drive and the time

    Because everyone deserves a love story of their own
    For a connection with another is a part of humanity

    For one to put themselves on the market
    If one does not participate there is no chance to reciprocate

    Will it take a poem
    Good looks or some gravitas
    For our story to begin?
    A home run may not be automatic

    However let us not be erratic
    For one needs to show their true selves.

    Make some memories
    For the players on the stage
    Because you deserve your story

    --- WWIV
    * Origin: inland utopia * california * iutopia.duckdns.org:2023 (21:4/108)