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    From Utopian Galt@21:4/108 to All on Wed Feb 3 21:38:48 2021
    |11this is a bbs advertisement...... for Inland Utopia (est 1995)

    wwivnet - fidonet - door games from l.o.r.d to door mud and more

    four nodes - running the latest WWIV BBS software -

    - new stuff happening regularly -

    |14visit today iutopia.duckdns.org port |152023

    |13If you want a particular door game installed the selection changes |13regularly. Over 20 doors installled.

    |11loads of registered door games:
    |07l.o.r.d, global war, global backgammon
    |07l.o.r.d ii, dungeon master
    |06wwivnet - fidonet - fsxnet for the people who like messages


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