• [Advert] Paranor BBS

    From Mikesla@21:1/233 to All on Sat Sep 17 20:58:52 2022
    Hi everyone.

    I'm not into advertising but I might get on the bandwagon.

    BBS Software = Synchronet v3.19b (I'm also going to setup Mystic BBS Software as a Door when I have the time).
    Name: Paranor BBS = (This is my original BBS Name From 1986 using the Citadel 86).
    Message Areas = Dove-Net, Fido, and yes this great place FSXNet
    Files = Over 7000 so far. I'm still working on it.
    Doors = Over 43 (I'm still working on adding more. So many great doors out there).

    Also Paranor BBS can be accessed via your webbrowser by visiting

    Umm what else.

    Oh yeah, I also run a local Radio Station. If you wish to listen to it you can visit the link below.


    Well that is about it. Nothing great mind you but it is a start.

    Take care everyone, and many thanks.
    --- SBBSecho 3.14-Win32
    * Origin: Paranor BBS - Telnet/SSH/Rlogin (21:1/233)