• CiberNET

    From faeempress@21:1/102 to UNUSED on Tue Jul 12 11:54:22 2022
    | CiberNET

    Hub = 41:1/1
    Echo domain = ciber
    Binkp Server = ciber.space
    Password = (you provide)
    Sysop = faeempress

    CiberNET is our inter-BBS messaging network. It is experimental
    at this point, and consists of only a few message bases.

    Message Base Echotag
    General Chat ciber
    Test cibertest
    Advertisements ciberads
    Retro Computing ciberretro
    Programming ciberprog
    BBS Support ciberbbs

    To get connected, send a message to faeempress(41:1/1) or contact
    her on the Ciberspace BBS. Please provide her with a password to
    use for your node.

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    * Origin: Error 404 BBS ! (21:1/102)