• Battlestar Fleet of BBS's

    From mark i@21:2/127 to All on Sun Dec 12 11:43:53 2021

    If you have some time please come by and visit some
    of our boards in the Battlestar Fleet

    o Battlestar BBS : battlestarbbs.dyndns.org:23 running Synchronet
    o Battlestar Atlantis : atlantisbbs.dyndns.org:2600 running Wildcat 4.20
    o Battlestar Pegasus : pegasusbbs.dyndns.org:28 running Renegade
    o Battlestar III : battlestar3.dyndns.org:2400 running Mystic
    --- SBBSecho 3.11-Win32
    * Origin: Battlestar BBS : battlestarbbs.dyndns.org (21:2/127)