• Moe's Tavern BBS

    From MIKE POWELL@21:1/175 to ALL on Sat Oct 23 13:09:00 2021
    M O E 'S T A V E R N B B S


    A retro-style 80's/90's BBS running GT Power 19/20
    Online (in some form!) since 1988!

    Dial-up: 1-502-875-8938
    telnet : moetiki.ddns.net port 27

    Nearly 100 classic doors online!

    Registered/Freeware Door Games include: Colonies, Lost in Space, DoorMUD,
    TradeWars 2002, Darkness 2, the Clans, LORD, LORD 2, TEOS,
    Netrunner, Arrowbridge, Quest for Nora, DogWorld 2, and Pentasim!

    Other Door games include: Yankee Trader, BRE, Mudman, Meldon, BBS Vaders,
    Checkers, Arrowbridge 2, Casino Games ...

    InterBBS games include: BRE (Leagues 21, 77, 618) and Clans (L 77).

    NEW CALLERS now have AUTOMATIC access to most doors, after completing New
    User Questionaire!!!

    Message networks include: Fido (dial-up echohub), Micronet, ILink, Retronet,
    FSXnet, Dovenet, Gamenet, GT Power Network,
    Developernet, SFnet

    * If you are on Telnet, and have issues with "double carriage returns," try *
    * changing your "Connection Type" to "Raw," or you may try Port 26 instead. * *===========================================================================*

    Dial-up: 1-502-875-8938
    telnet : moetiki.ddns.net port 27

    An "older" sister board to Capitol City Online - capitolcityonline.net
    and Possum Lodge South - possumso.fsxnet.nz:7636

    * SLMR 2.1a * WOW!... Short runway...but look how WIDE it is!!!

    BgNet 1.012 moe's tavern * 1-502-875-8938 * moetiki.ddns.net:27
    * Origin: capitolcityonline.net * Telnet/SSH:2022/HTTP (21:1/175)