• Westwood BBS II

    From Nuke@21:3/134 to All on Mon Mar 1 04:11:42 2021
    Hey all - stop by and visit Westwood BBS II at some point.
    The system is new and ready for your enjoyment.
    TELNET: westwoodbbs.net 8888
    SSH: westwoodbbs.net 8889
    Recommend: Syncterm or NETRUNNER

    We offer (or have in development):
    - Multiple themes (Groovy 70s, c64, Westwood Classic and of course
    old-school mystic - also developing a straight-text protocol)
    - Multiple node login - for those who like to multitask while on MRC
    - DOORs - BBS-Link and DoorParty
    - Different local themes - Non-standard local themes you wont find on echos
    - The social aspect seperate of FB/INSTA/TWIT - not ANSI splash focused,
    while the stuff is cool, this is the social aspect for those tired of the drama.
    - Regional private forums established for Pacific Northwest, Virginia
    Northern Neck area. Additional private forums available upon request.

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A46 2020/08/26 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: westwoodbbs.net (21:3/134)