• New BBS: R3TR0/X

    From j0HNNY a1PHA@21:4/158 to All on Wed Dec 13 17:21:14 2023
    Hey all, human here. Not a roBOT :)

    I've just opened up my BBS and was hoping people could login and check it out. It's still early days, but I have been working on various mods and artwork, and while it seems like a never ending saga, I figured -- gotta launch it sometime!

    E.g. warts and all.

    It's called R3TT0/X, and you can reach it via:

    retrox.us:1992 (telnet)
    retrox.us (web)

    Rockin' Talisman BBS.

    Come check it out and let me know what you think.

    But gently?

    --- Noddy git-9cb7957
    * Origin: R3tr0/X BBS :: retrox.us:1992 (21:4/158)