• Mystic moving messages

    From TEKHAMMER@46:3/102 to G00R00 on Thu Jan 31 19:20:24 2019
    Just struck on a Mystic issue because of the b5 of netrunner.

    When moving a message, there's no way to cancel the move. Once you're given a list of message bases, your only options are to select one, not to cancel.

    I came upon this because NR2b5 triggers a move when I clicked in a
    message window. Not sure if that's because I clicked on a header, or because it's sending an escape code that's triggering the move, but after accidentally moving one message, the second time I did it, I had to hang up on the bbs to break out of it.

    Also worth mentioning is that if I click on the titlebar of netrunner, it triggers the text selection box from there.

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