• Suggestions: Area Index R

    From AVON@46:3/103 to ALL on Thu Jan 31 19:20:24 2019
    Got a few ideas for the future that I think would be nice:

    - allow the use of the TAB key to tag multiple bases so CTRL-U catches up several bases at one time.

    - allow for the keys that do things to be customiseable in the .ini file e.g. override settings and make CTRL-X do what CTRL-U does or define something
    else to happen like you can when you edit a menu entry

    - allow for sorting of message bases by another variable (customisable).
    I have usenet echoareas linked to a fidonet address because of the gateway
    used but they all appear as if part of my FidoNet list of echoareas :-( If there was a seperate var. I could associate with each message base and then sort by it using the area index reader that would be good.

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