• Re: New HDD for XP pc

    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Ed Vance on Tue Sep 19 22:07:03 2017
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    GE Ed,

    It's a long turn around time for messages to/from you :o(

    Yep, sure is.
    I just aint wired for Stereo.

    Neither am I, but nevertheless I reply to at least personal mail, the same day.

    I got a copy of CCleaner back in 2010.

    I never used it much because I sometimes like to see what is in the Temporary Files on this XP pc. Yeah, I know, I'm not the smartest.

    Just today I let it do its thing, and it removed over 1Gb trash.

    had happen the few times I used unfamiliar Programs.

    You'll have to RTFM, or at least check the help for various items.

    AFAIK, the recovery partition normally doesn't have a drive letter.

    The Acer Vista box has a Hidden Partition, but haven't seen it on
    this XP MCE 2005 SP3 box (yet).

    A hidden partition doesn't show a drive letter. If it exists, depends on the way the operation systems was installed.

    The resizing and adjusting contrast and size I do with PMView in OS/2..

    I'm sure it was after much experimentation with other Imageing
    software that You chose PMView.

    No, in fact it was the first one I installed, and since it does what I want it to do, I haven't tested any others.

    For Windows I'll check if Irfanview fills my bill.

    I've looked at GIMP and one or two others before deciding on
    Irfanview to do whatever I try doing with Images.

    OK, I'm glad to note an experienced users view.

    I don't mind walking on snow covered paths with ice patches as long as
    I have studs on the heels. I was on my way home to put those stud
    add-ons on my boots when the accident happened.


    As they said at the ham radio club...."Of all people, Holger!!", because I have
    always been a proponent for studded boots in the winter.

    By law we are forced to use studded, or at least M/S tires on our cars, during the winter season. Today my son mounted my summer wheels on the car. Because of
    my accident I'm still not capable to do it myself.

    Hope Easter Sunday is a Good Day for You.

    That'll be tomorrow. I hope it also.

    GN es hpy easter.

    73 de Sam, OH0NC

    aka Holger

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