• Nodelist processing

    From PSI-JACK@46:1/142 to ALL on Thu Jan 31 19:20:24 2019
    So, I've come to one more issue to work on.

    Before, I downloaded nodelist files initially by hand from a local BBS and those were renamed to be all lowercase in the process of merging them into my file base.

    Now, I get them automatically from my feeds now, but those come in as ALLCAPS NODELIST.Z##. When I changed my mutil ini I use for processing those, it extracts the NODELIST.Z## files, but merges nothing, likely because it unzips them to all lowercase.

    How can this problem be solved in a proper manner, rather than having to copy the nodelist from the filebase to a temp directory, rename it lowercase there, and have it just work that way? This method seems a bit overkill for something that should be able to just work in-place as it's intended to be able to be done.

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