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    From PSI-JACK@46:1/142 to G00R00 on Thu Jan 31 19:20:17 2019

    Further testing coming in. Now that I have my cell phone, my work desktop, and my home desktop all connecting to MIS's POP3 server and NNTP, I'm starting to see more and more problems.

    First of all, today alone I've had Thunderbird at work and my cell both start out of the blue giving me errors about logging into the POP3 server claiming the username is invalid/doesn't exist. I will get more details on that, but I wanted you to be aware.

    The same thing happends with NNTP, NNTP just starts showing message bases as expired, beyond their limit, when they're not, it's just failing to authenticate just the same, eventually it'll start complaining about it as well, but it's not as prodominant about it.

    Eventually Telnet will start to fail, and connections will be actively opened and closed. Making telnetting to the BBS itself also fail. This one isn't immediate, POP3 and NNTP both start failing before this starts to happen.

    When I get home, I expect this to start happening again as it's already happened 3~4 times today alone, and the resolution was to just stop and start mis back up. This has actually been more of a problem since I started running mystic via upstart as root, letting mystic chuid itself, rather than my setcap method I originally started using, where the bbs user itself is allowed to run mis with priviledged port binding. Even still, it happends constantly. I was trying to work this around a band-aid by restarting mis every night during nightly maintenance since it usually took a little long than a day to about 2 days to start happening. Now with more activity coming in, more echo's, more binkp sessions, more polls, it's happening much more frequently.

    When I get home today, I plan to wait for it to start happening again, and check logs. But at glancing at the logs as-is now, the POP3 logs, I see literally nothing except the usual, minus the <Nick> has logged in/out. Example, Connect: blah, Connect: blah, Connect: blah... No actual log of the attempted login or failure. JUst a connection until mis was restarted.

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