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    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Ed Vance on Fri Jul 28 09:48:00 2017
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    GE Ed,

    Who is 'Wcry'?

    WannaCry, WannaCrypt and various other abbreviations for last months Malware.
    This month the most recent Malware I've read of is called Petya.

    I have seen no sign of them.

    OTOH, I don't have any machine hanging on the net when I'm not using it.

    Those two malwares are called Ransomware.

    I think that both AVG and ZA take care of them. Those two programs are
    updated frequently, and probably take care of any ransom- or virii-

    Also, the attackers must find out the code to pass by the WiFi modem,
    and my ISP does also protect its users, probably better than any anti-
    progam we have in our machines.

    I would had thought information about them would be published
    everywhere. -snip-

    The information published here concerns foreign calls to our mobile
    phones, asking us to call a number to get advantage of something.

    My Media Center 2005 copy of XP says it is XPpro plus additional
    features, and it misbehaves quite often by being slow to respond to

    As I've said B4, with those problems I can't understand why you didn't
    accept the free Win10 upgrade, even if it would have required you to buy
    a second-hand machine with Vista or Win7 installed, to upgrade to Win10.

    I would think with 3 GB of RAM and the Dual Core AMD 3800+ CPU it
    would always do what I ask it to do and never slow down or tell me
    the program I am using is not responding.

    Yes it should, and there's no reason to installing more RAM.

    .. I don't have references, I just 'know' - spooky heh!

    Not spooky, just experience, isn't it?

    Experience is always good to have.

    I'm here to learn of others experiences and to share my own
    experiences with computers.

    Your problem is, as I've said B4, you read too much and believe almost everything you do read.

    If my comments cause You to grin (or grimace) I can't help that.

    And you wouldn't see it anyway, hi.


    Well, I can tell you, and others, that the latest upgrade package for
    Win10pro wasn't all good to my machine. It just added some "new" packages/applications to be installed. I didn't.

    First of all, it did delete the complete upgrade history log.

    I've still got it on the Win10pro laptop that has done the same upgrades
    and I will not let M$ upgrade it before I've copied that file to the
    stationary machine.

    Second, it also deleted the list of previously copied file names.

    That isn't of so much concern, since it's created again whenever I take
    care of, say new, bulletins, but it was easier to pick the previous name
    of F:\ARLK055.txt when the ARLK056 arrived, and just change the last
    digit to a '6'.

    BTW ARLK is ARRL's bulletin for Keplerian data for Satellites, like the Oscar's.

    Have a good night.

    73 de Sam, OH0NC

    aka Holger

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