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    I don't know what you mean here. Some American versions of British TV shows BC>have been flip flops, but others ones really took off.

    I actually think it makes more sense to try launching an American version of BC>Doctor Who while it's still popular and running in Britain. Not only will BC>help the ratings, but if it doesn't succeed we still have the original BC>British version to watch, and if it does we have twice as much Doctor Who! BC>It's win/win!

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    So apparently somebody is planning to start a new Doctor Who series
    production in the states, running parallel to the one in Britain. Do you BC>> think this could work???

    Not a hope in hades of it working (just look at all the other British shows BC>they've tried to Americanise - Americans simply don't understand British BC>shows), but thankfully it won't even be trying to since it's fake news.

    I really liked watching The Avengers on TV here in the U.S.A.
    That's the only British TV Show other than Doctor Who that I can
    remember watching.

    There may have been others but can't think of any of them right now.

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