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    Doctor Who Daily

    available at



    I tried that link a few days ago, yesterday and just now also.

    I haven't seen anything yet on the page. Have You?

    I also clicked the link on the right to "see all articles" and nothing
    is shown there either.

    Just now when I went to the page it said it will be updated in 12 hours.

    Yesterday and the first time I looked at it, the update time was 23
    hours, so maybe something will be comming soon.

    Thanks for the link.

    I read this echo on a BBS for info about Doctor Who.

    I haven't checked the Educational TV Channels lately to see if either
    one is showing Doctor Who again.

    I use a Digital TV Convertor connected to an outside antenna but don't
    watch much TV because I'm always reading BBS messages, email and looking
    at web pages on the internet.

    No time for TV. <GRIN>

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