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    From STEPHEN@46:1/139 to ALL on Thu Jan 31 19:20:16 2019
    On 8/4/2014 9:28 AM, Android8675 wrote:>> favourite RPG was Shadowrun
    but play a ton of DND 4th Ed also. Not to
    St> mention that I still collect and play Magic the Gathering both
    the paper
    St> and the online versions. I still have all of my books and figures.

    Sorry... I hijack talk.:)

    What'd you think of Hearthstone? (or have you tried it) I just
    couldn't get
    into Magic or any other CCG, but I find HS to be easy enough and fun
    to play
    casually. If you play my battlenet.ID is Android8675#1884, feel free
    to add me.
    Fair warning, I'm only so-so.:)

    I hadn't even heard of Hearthstone until a few days ago. It looks
    interesting and I may give it a shot next week while on vacation. If I
    do start yet another game I'll look you up on Battlenet. Thanks for the suggestion.


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