• Timelash

    From Ed Vance@1:2320/105 to ALL on Sat Jun 2 13:46:00 2012
    I remember watching Timelash on Television a long time ago and I liked

    One of the things I missed seeing in the review was mentioning of one of
    the main characters, who had slipped into the Tardis and came along for
    the ride, was identified at the end of the show as being H.G.Wells. IIRC

    Because he shouted at Peri most of the time in the episodes,
    Colin Baker was NOT my favorite Doctor, but I liked the Doctor Who
    series, so I watched the shows on the local Educational TV Channel even
    though they started at 11PM Saturday which made getting up for Church
    the next morning a little difficult.

    Tom Baker was the Doctor when I started watching the show in the 1980's,
    and for me He was the Doctor I liked most.

    Over the years that I watched Doctor Who on the Educational TV channel,
    I got to see the first 7 Doctors in action, maybe it was 8 of them?

    The last Doctor Who show I've seen on TV was a over the air US Network broadcast, and that was a long time ago.

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