• Amazon Prime (USA) Secures Doctor Who Streaming Rights For Seasons 1-8

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    Amazon Prime (USA) Secures Doctor Who Streaming Rights For Seasons 1-8
    23 February 2016

    Following our recent news items that Netflix & Hulu will no longer have
    the rights to stream Doctor Who (as of 1st February 2016), Amazon
    Prime in the USA have just announced they have secured the rights to
    stream Series 1-8 of Doctor Who.
    The confirmation, which came in the form of a tweet and included a
    video (link below), has since been removed, but upon further
    investigation, DWO can confirm the news is correct and that episodes
    will be available at some point in March 2016.
    The original tweet, which was posted on 22nd February, read:

    "Want to know the future? Now you can! Here's what's coming to
    #PrimeVideo in March. #Bosch #DrWhohttps://t.co/r3rVSiZLC7

    -- Amazon Video (@AmazonVideo) February 22, 2016"

    You can watch the trailer on the following
    link: https://t.co/r3rVSiZLC7
    Unfortunately news isn't good for UK fans, as a number of our visitors
    have reported receiving an email from Amazon Prime, confirming they
    will no longer have Doctor Who episodes as of 16th March.
    This now means that unless Netflix UK renew their rights to stream
    Doctor Who (which expires on 1st May 2016), there will be no streaming
    partners outside of iTunes and BBC Store in the UK.
    DWO have made several attempts to contact Netflix UK via Twitter, but
    unlike their American partners, who responded to us quite quickly, our
    questions about renewing have all gone unanswered.

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    [Sources: DWO; Amazon Prime]

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