• Hulu Also Lose Rights To Stream Doctor Who

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    Here's an article from an Doctor Who Online.


    Hulu Also Lose Rights To Stream Doctor Who
    27 January 2016

    Following on from yesterday's confirmation that Netflix will no longer
    have the rights to stream Doctor Who episodes from 1st February 2016,
    Hulu have now also confirmed to DWO that they too will no longer have
    the rights.
    Earlier today we asked Hulu, via Twitter, if the recent rumours
    regarding them losing the rights were in fact true:

    @jsb1980 @netflix rumours are that @Hulu are also discontinuing
    their #DoctorWho library - hope they are just rumours. What say you,
    -- Doctor Who Online (@DrWhoOnline) January 27, 2016

    To which Hulu responded:

    @DrWhoOnline We didn't drop #DoctorWho. We just no longer have the
    rights to stream it and are lacking a TARDIS to remedy the
    situation. :(
    -- hulu (@hulu) January 27, 2016

    We then asked if there was any way around the issue, and once again got
    a reply:

    @DrWhoOnline Unfortunately, not right now, but we're always striving
    to license shows our viewers (Whovian or otherwise) want to see.
    -- hulu (@hulu) January 27, 2016

    Speculation is that the BBC are pulling streaming rights to give more
    focus to their own BBC Store service, but this has yet to be officially
    UPDATE - 28th January 2016
    In a recent article on Decider.com, the BBC stated: "We hope to
    announce a new digital partner for Doctor Who shortly". Whether this
    means the re-inking of a deal with Netflix or Hulu, or their own
    stateside streaming service, is yet to be confirmed.
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    [Sources: DWO; Hulu]

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