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    From mark lewis@1:2320/105 to Paul Hayton on Sun Sep 14 04:08:29 2014
    On Sun, 14 Sep 2014, Paul Hayton wrote to mark lewis:

    On 09/13/14, mark lewis pondered and said...

    it used to but i thikn the gating system has stopped, gotten
    broken or otherwise just isn't doing the gating any more...

    I had reports from a user that the feed on my bbs was dried up
    while on other bbs's he visits there were extra posts... just
    looking into that now.

    FWIW: it used to come in here with the following tear and origin lines... these

    from the last post seen from the apparently gateing system in july...

    -!- Synchronet 3.15a-Linux NewsLink 1.92-mlp
    ! Origin: NetKnow News (1:2320/105.97)
    -!- SBBSecho 2.12-Linux
    ! Origin: telnet & http://cco.ath.cx - Dial-Up: 502-875-8938 (1:2320/105.1)

    i've invalidated them for this posting... looks like something happened over at

    1:2320/105... i'm not sure what's going on over there on mike's system... i haven't seen or heard from him in a few months...

    yup... but then again, it was kinda boring with the crap posts
    coming from the usenet side of the fence, too...

    I'm 50/50, there are still some good newsgroups with interesting
    content, but agree there's a lot with dross in them too.

    agreed... it really is too bad that the alt.* groups became such a wasteland...

    i mean they were kinda designed for such but then came the mess foisted by at least one person whereby you can't even remove a group created by accident because their system immediately recreates it... someone else's political carp,

    ya know? [smh]


    * Origin: (1:3634/12)
    --- SBBSecho 3.03-Linux
    * Origin: CCO BBS - capitolcityonline.net:26 (1:2320/105)